Cremation Services

For families choosing cremation, our funeral home offers you the option of planning a dignified service that will honor the memory of your loved one.  We pride ourselves on being cremation specialists, having served many families in the area with service and personalization options to meet their needs. Our promise to you is that you will receive the most professional cremation experience possible.

Our Promise

We recognize you have many choices when it comes to selecting a funeral home. We appreciate your choice in letting us help you in your time of need. We offer you the assurance that you have made the right decision with the following pledge to you. We promise to:

  • Provide professional care using state-of-the art equipment in a professionally designed cremation center.
  • Return to you the cremated remains of your loved one. We cremate only one person at a time, and our system of identification and paperwork organization is monitored throughout the cremation process by trained cremation specialists. That way, you are assured the cremated remains you receive are those of your loved one.

We take our promise to you very seriously. Our word is our promise and commitment to you of a caring and professional experience with our funeral home. If you feel we have not fulfilled this promise or met your expectations, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that, "if you are not completely satisfied with any part of our service, you will not be charged for that part of the service."

Thank you for your trust in our funeral home!

What is Cremation?

What is Cremation?

Many people feel cremation is a substitute to a funeral service.  In fact, cremation is a means of preparing a person for a service followed by a family’s choice of burial, inurnment in a columbarium, or placement in a cremation garden, cremorial, or family home.

What Can I do With The Cremated Remains?

What Can I do With The Cremated Remains?

You have several options.  Most families will choose a cemetery for burial or inurnment. The cemetery will be forever maintained and provides a place of permanence as a dignified place to visit and honor the memory of your loved one.  Some families will take the cremated remains home with them, but find there are long term concerns with the care of the remains.  Finally, families may scatter the cremated remains. This final act is irreversible and the cremated remains will be gone forever.  

Regardless of what option you choose, a keepsake memorial is available as a way to keep a small portion of your loved one’s cremated remains with you.

What are My Service Options when Choosing Cremation?

What are My Service Options when Choosing Cremation?

Ceremonial Tribute Service - a Traditional Funeral Service Followed by Cremation

Many families find value in planning a more traditional funeral followed by cremation.  A funeral service with your loved one present need be no different than the traditional funeral and burial service that follows.  Burial of the cremated remains, or placing them in a niche, cremation garden, or other place in a cemetery provides a place of lasting permanence for family to visit and commemorate with an appropriate memorial.

Gathering of Remembrance

For those who prefer something less traditional, a gathering of remembrance, or memorial service, is another service option.  Family and friends gather as a means of sharing tribute and honoring the life lived.  Whether you prefer a large formal gathering, or a simple intimate ceremony, we have the experience to help you plan a meaningful, dignified and comforting service. 

Celebration Graveside Service

Some families may not have a service at a church or funeral home, but prefer to gather at the cemetery for the service.  Sharing stories and memories can be done as a part of this tribute.  At the close of the service, family and friends are encouraged to place personal keepsakes in the urn vault, niche or other memorial that holds their loved one’s cremated remains.  A balloon release creates a final and lasting memory!

Non-ceremonial Cremation

This cremation option involves no service.  We simply respond to the place of death, prepare the necessary legal documents, complete the cremation, and help the family with burial, or home placement following the cremation.