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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

The history of Webb Funeral Home is the story of two funeral homes in two communities in Mitchell County, North Carolina and long-time funeral director Charles Grindstaff. In 1937, J. W. Webb, a furniture dealer and general merchant, established Webb Funeral Home in conjunction with his general store in the Relief section of the north end of Mitchell County. At that time, his employees were Manuel Roberts and Hughes Burleson, the firm's first embalmer. In 1943, Webb opened a branch in a small house beside the Presbyterian Church on Oak Avenue in Spruce Pine. The firm served five families during its first year in Spruce Pine.

During 1936, Ben F. Quinn, an associate of Westmoreland Funeral Home in Marion, North Carolina, moved to Spruce Pine and opened Quinn Funeral Home in an old home at 208 Roan Road. Charles Grindstaff joined Quinn in the operation of his funeral home in 1948. Following Mr. Quinn's death later in 1948, his wife, Miriam Quinn, sold the business and property to J. W. Webb.

Following the purchase of the Quinn property, Webb closed his firm on Oak Avenue and moved to the facilities that he had purchased from Mrs. Quinn. He brought the Webb Funeral Home name with him. In 1950, a new home, which is the central area of the present Webb Funeral Home, was constructed directly behind the original house. Since the area's economic growth had favored Spruce Pine, the Relief location as phased out during this period. Mr. Webb died in 1965.

At one time, Hughes Burleson, Manuel Roberts, Charles Grindstaff, and Jack Roberts shared in the ownership and management of Webb Funeral Home. Following the death of Burleson in 1964, Bill Roberts, Manuel's nephew and Jack's brother, joined the staff as an embalmer and purchased Manuel's interest in the firm when Manuel retired. Under the management of Charles Grindstaff and Jack Roberts, Webb Funeral Home continued to serve a growing number of families each year.

In 1972, a new brick chapel, preparation room, and parlor were added to the building. The original building was bricked and an attractive two-story white-columned porch was built across the front. In 1979, Jack Roberts sold his interest in the firm to Charles Grindstaff and Bill Roberts. In early 1991, Bill Roberts retired.

During 1992, the funeral home was totally redecorated, including new carpet, paint, wallpaper, draperies, and furniture. A handicap rest room was added, and the preparation room was brought into OSHA compliance. Upon completion of the renovation, Webb Funeral Home celebrated its 50-year anniversary in Spruce Pine with an Open House, refreshments, and performances by several local gospel music groups on Sunday, August 23, 1992.

Our Valued Staff

  • Chris  Pitman

    Chris Pitman Manager, Funeral Director/Embalmer

  • Jeremiah Carver

    Jeremiah Carver Apprentice Funeral Director/Embalmer

  • Michael Hendricks

    Michael Hendricks Family Service Counselor

  • TInky Piercy

    TInky Piercy Office Manager

  • Bryan Hughes

    Bryan Hughes P/T Funeral Director/Embalmer

  • Mark Huskins

    Mark Huskins Funeral Assistant

  • TJ Miller

    TJ Miller Funeral Assistant

  • Rev. Arthur Buchanan

    Rev. Arthur Buchanan Funeral Assistant